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Six years ago, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. 

So, I went back to my roots in research - as I was the VP of Health Care Marketing Research in my previous life (before being a stay at home mom). I read and researched and researched and read to find the root of my chronic illness. I wanted to learn about ways to feel better naturally because I didn't want to take expensive medications to simply mask the illness by temporarily covering up the symptoms. 

As I worked with Functional Medicine Physicians to uncover the cause and contributing factors to my illness, I learned so much and felt so much better that I wanted to learn more! I even took a year long Holistic Health Coach Certification program!

At the conclusion of that program, I listened to a class about Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils given by another Certified Health Coach. She had been in my place too - sick and tired of being sick and tired. And she had discovered the amazing benefits and ease of incorporating natural, non-toxic Essential Oils and EO supplements into her life - and career. She felt amazing and she was so passionate about these oils that she had created an entire lifestyle career around educating other people about them. 

I have to admit that I am a slow, methodical adapter to new things - which just means that I take my time to learn about them, read the science, get my hands on all of the books and blogs and articles there are to have, and slowly incorporate it into my life - which means that when I decide to use something for my health, I have thoroughly thought it through! But after doing all of that, I quickly became hooked! 

These CPTG Essential Oils changed my life and our family's! With these oils, we now have a completely natural, non-toxic and inexpensive way to support our health, every day family issues, emotional and mental support - even skin care, supplements and household cleaning! 

And I have now created my own authentic lifestyle career teaching other people about how to see the benefits of essential oils in their life too!

I'm looking for a few other women who are ready to have this same experience! I absolutely love supporting women as they learn to use the oils in their daily life, and as they share their knowledge with others who want to learn more! There is nothing more powerful than watching women on my Do Well Team learn, grow, share and become empowered with their own lifestyle career!

If you want to:

-Experience a healthy change in your life with the support of essential oils,

-Benefit from my extensive reading, research, learning, and training,

-Create an authentic lifestyle career helping other women,

-Help other women do the same thing,

Then the Do Well Team is for you! 

Why doTERRA essential oils as a business?

Well, about three-fourths of the general populations looks to natural products to improve their health! More than half of the population is already interested in using essential oils! Even though essential oils have been in use for thousands of years, today almost everyone is looking for healthier, cleaner, non-toxic and natural options!

And guess what? According to research, the most popular way that people like to find out about which natural products to use and how to use them - recommendations from a friend! With doTERRA, you are taught by your Team Mentors and Leaders how to share the gift of essential oils with others and how to educate them on how to use them for a healthier life.

doTERRA essential oils are the highest quality and purity oils available on the market. Our oils are grown and harvested all over the world in their native countries. The potency of doTERRA oils is accredited to our co-impact sourcing where we work with small growers in the country where each plant would naturally grow and thrive. In addition, doTERRA has the world's top quality control program for essential oils where they are tested 7 times, including 3rd party tested to be deemed Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. 

doTERRA became the World's Largest Essential Oil Company in 2015 after only 7 years in business!

doTERRA became 100% debt free in 2015 and they now offer their Wellness Advocates training on how they came become debt free personally as well!

doTERRA has the best training and best compensation plan in Network Marketing!

If you want:

-Time freedom (the ability to plan your time around what is important to you),

-Residual income (the opportunity to earn an income stream built over time that is stable and recurring and not dependent on trading hours for dollars),

-Personal and business development (learning, growing and becoming the best you),

-To be part of an amazing team of like-minded women that support you and help you to build your own business,

Then the Do Well Team is for You!

Let me help you design the Do Well life that you deserve!

I have a few select positions on my Team and am looking for just the right fit!

Email me at so that we can explore how you can Partner with Me to help yourself and other women learn how to Do Well Naturally too! 

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