You HAVE to Read This!


Yes, you HAVE to read this!

This is an excerpt from an email that I received from a Do Well client a few days ago (I am using it here with his permission, of course):

“I met with my doctor today and the results of the blood tests were amazing.  Everything is normal or better than normal.   My status has changed from Uncontrolled Type II Diabetes to Controlled….She said that I made her day.

This is your victory too.”

Now read it again! And again! And let that sink in!

If you have ever doubted whether you can actually really do something about your health naturally, this should convince you.

I have been working with this client for a little over two months. He was ready for change when he contacted me. He wanted to feel better. And he has put in the effort for it. We worked together to pick an eating style that met his preferences. We worked out a plan that he could stick to. He faithfully shops and cooks healthy recipes that I recommend. If he needs to travel or has a holiday to celebrate, we plan for it.

He takes the doTERRA supplements that I recommended every day. He has increased his water intake by at least threefold. And he is working on adding movement to his day. We meet every two weeks to discuss progress and how to move closer to his goals. He sees his doctor for follow up and blood work every three months.

He has lost weight.

He has more energy.

His Diabetes is controlled.

His A1C measurement went from over 10 to 6.4  – the goal was to get under 7 (this measures blood sugar over a 12 week period).

His cholesterol numbers, liver and kidney numbers are all good.

When we last met he said that his physician never shows any emotion, and has a pretty stoic bed side manner – and this was the most “excited” he has ever seen her. The physician told him that she fully expected for his blood sugar numbers to be the same or worse and for him to have gained weight, that over her many years of being a doctor she has only seen a few people actually turn their health around like this.


This is victory indeed!


I couldn’t wait to share this with the Do Well tribe!


I wanted you to know that it IS possible to do well naturally.


When I look at this clients’ case, these are keys to his success from which you can learn:

-He was ready for and willing to change;

-He sought help and support in a coach;

-He has goals that are measurable, not just for weight loss alone but also by blood work and in terms of how he wants to feel;

-He is open to coaching, suggestions, ideas, recipes, supplements, reminders, etc.;

-He follows through with the three areas that we focus on weekly;

-He is willing to cook and eat at home;

-He has embraced this as a new lifestyle, not a diet;

-He works with his physician as a partner in his own health care.


In short, he was ready, open and willing to do the work. He is succeeding!


And you can too.


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